ABA is an inspirational, forward thinking academy that will be ensuring students achieve the highest possible standards in order to gain a place at their Upper School of choice and have a successful career in a top rate ballet company.

This training system will take in to account that ballet is global. Students need to be capable of obtaining work in other countries as well as working for choreographers from around the world. All these aspects are essential to ensure your child actually gets to live their dream and work in a ballet company.

As I am sure you are aware, it’s a very tough world when auditioning for schools or companies. All the dancers from around the world pool together in one studio after a place at the same school or company. This is why I have created ABA – it has never been so vital to be working at an international standard. Raising the level of what they can achieve and enhancing their knowledge at an earlier age just as you see at the competitions!

It is entirely possible with the right elements and so I have devised a system that trains the dancer as a whole. Utilizing the mind as well as the body, with self- belief and depth of knowledge we have the key to unlocking their talent beyond what was deemed possible.

With deeper insight at an earlier age they can take ownership for their technique, feel free to explore their possibilities and improve at a faster rate. Creating a sense of joy and achievement through their own motivation produces a lovely cycle that will exist throughout their time as a dancer and beyond and is the true key to success!


I am thrilled to be creating the global network already with two wonderful patrons.

Fiona Tonkin is the Principal Coach at The Australian Ballet and Stephanie Williams is with ABT.

New term dates to be confirmed shortly.

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