Whilst I have split this in to year groups all children will be looked at individually and offered the classes to best fulfill their needs. Therefore, some year 8 children may be ready for yearr 9 classes earlier and vice versa should some foundations need further work. This will never be used to hold a child back or push them too far, but to only ensure they achieve the optimum training for their needs.

Alongside these classes each student will see Luke Abnett our school Physio. They will receive a personalized exercise plan that we will expect students to do at home. Luke will assess their progress and adapt accordingly. He will also pop in to classes to observe students and provide further help.

Each student will be asked to see me for a private coaching session to ensure they are fully understanding corrections and applying them well and so I can check on every aspect of their work and we can discuss any problems (Studio fee will be the only cost)

Each student will see Katie Gibson (A Suzanne Farrell dancer from America) for Pilates and will be given another program of exercises to use. We will also source individually – good teachers near to your homes to allow for extra work in this area. Anatomy will be covered within in classes and occasional homework.

I am happy to write to Head Teachers in order to obtain permission should time be needed off school to get to classes. In my experience many are very supportive of gifted students and rest assured, if they are accepted to this school then they do certainly have talent!

Other associate programs will be fully supported, as will any auditions that arise for upper schools and white lodge. We will always work to ensure the very best for each child. I will always be available via email/phone for help and support and the whole team will be there to guide you and your dancer throughout and beyond.