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The next Belfast and London Auditions will be held in 2019. 

DEVON AUDITION - May 27th 2018. CLOSING DATE: EXTENDED!! May 14th 2018.



Classes will be held in the delightful studios at Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance near Richmond.

Dancers will attend twice a month on Sundays starting at 10am.

Entry is by audition and the summer term will involve an assessment providing vital feedback and progress reports.



BBA Junior – Level 1A&B

Classes are held from 10.00 - 12 (Junior A)/12.15 (Junior B) - The basic principles of anatomy will be threaded throughout their Ballet class work and embedded during the 30 minutes of Pilates based floor exercises they will cover after their class. They will be taught all technical, musical and artistic aspects in an environment that will build both confidence and skill whilst exercising their enquiring minds. The 2/2.25 hour class is followed by contemporary (sometimes repertoire) to finish at 1.30 which is an optional extra but extremely vital skill in ballet today.

Classes taught by Zoe Epstein (RBS Diploma) and Sarah Mcllroy ex ENB Principle QTLS, ENBS and Tring. Assessments by Emma Northmore in the Summer Term.

(Minimum age 8yrs - auditionees can be 7 if close to 8 yrs for Sept entry)


BBA Mid - Level 2

1 pm - 3.30pm 2.5 hours of intensive Ballet training incorporating some floor barre and Pilates based body conditioning. A fantastic pianist will be playing to help inspire a true sense of musicality as part of their technique and artistic work. The anatomy work continues with a deeper understanding of the use of their muscles, the correct terminology, along with more technical aspects and pre pointe strengthening/virtuosity work for the boys. Contemporary work (ocasionally Rep) will be incorporated as an optional extra hour of class from 3.40 - 4.45pm

Classes taught by Lisa Millard and occasionally taught by Emma Northmore who will also assess in the Summer Term along with a panel.


BBA Mid - Level 3

12.30 – 4.45pm – intensive training in a nurturing environment that allows them to realize how much more they can achieve. There will be class, pointe work/strengthening for boys and repertoire. These dancers will now have an in depth knowledge of their own anatomy and be able to apply their corrections with intelligence and maturity. Contemporary will be offered and the training will be in line with both vocational and international standards. Pilates based body conditioning will still be incorporated but we will expect students to write these down and start doing them at home to maximize their rate of improvement.

Classes taught by Sarah Mcllroy - Principal from ENB and previous 2nd yr teacher at ENBS. Occasionally taught by Emma Northmore and assessed by Emma and a panel in the Summer Term. 

BBA Mid Level 4 and Seniors 

10am to 1pm 3 hours of intensive Ballet training. This time will include Ballet Class, Pointe work/virtuosity and Repertoire. Pilates based body conditioning exercises will be explained so that students can continue these at home between classes so please bring a notebook to record these. More self awareness and technical ability will be expected along with an innate sense of musicality and artistry.

The class will be divided according to the work that is being focused on at the time with a 15 minute break. 

Emma Northmore will teach the seniors and Dima Grudzyev (Ex Principal ENB) the Mid 4 group with occasional change between the two groups.

There will be Contemporary on each date from 1.30 -3pm, and in the course of the year, a couple of Master classes with guest teachers offering insight into other systems of training. These will come up as an optional extra or as part of the curriculum.



Classes will be held in the wonderful Dartington Hall. Dancers will attend approximately once a month for 3 hrs. A similar structure to the London classes will be applied. Entry by Audition with yearly assessments and feedback.

Juniors taught by Jo Denham RBS 

Mids taught by Sarah Marshall ENB

Seniors taught by Linda Goss RBS / White Lodge Teacher



Classes will be held at the MAC Belfast. As above, dancers will attend approximately once a month.

Juniors taught by Rachel Ensor

Mids taught by Rachael Hunt

Seniors taught by Elizabeth Rae


All BBA Classes:

  • Internally and Externally assessed in the spring / summer term.
  • One Scholarship in each level will be available from September 2017
  • Levels and progression will be decided in the Spring term assessment - please be aware that age will not dictate which level a child is in. This will be judged on technical ability and strength and their personal aptitude to the training given.
  • It is possible for a dancer to be assessed out if they cannot cope with the training schedule but every effort will be made to offer the best opportunity for each child to achieve and you (the parent/guardian) will be made aware of any issues that are occuring.

Class Dates London BBA 

 Autumn 2018 NEW

Spring 2019 NEW

Summer 2018

Sept 9th

Jan 13th

April 15th 

Sept 30th

Jan 27th

April 22nd

Oct 7th 

Feb 3rd

May 13th

Oct 21st

 Feb 17th

June 3rd

Nov 4th

March 3rd

June 17th

Nov 11th

March 10th

July 1st

Dec 2nd & 9th

 March 31st

July 15th

 Class Dates Dartington BBA 


Autumn 2018 NEW

Spring 2019 NEW

Summer 2018


Sept 30th                      

Jan 20th               April 22nd             

Oct 21st

Feb 3rd May 13th 

Nov 4th

Feb 24th June 3rd

Dec 9th

March 17th July 1st

March 31st



Class Dates Belfast BBA 

Summer 2018


 Autumn 2018

April 22nd

Sept 23rd

May 20th

Oct 7th

June 17th

Nov 18th

July 8th

Dec 2nd

BBA Termly Fees change each term according to the number of classes scheduled and if optional contemporary class is chosen


How to Apply

Application is by Audition and the submission of relevant photographs. We welcome both Boys and Girls.

For London based BBA please complete this form and add "London" to the location.

For Dartington BBA please add "Dartington" to the location. For Belfast BBA please add "Belfast" to the location.

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