Thank you for your application.

For all BBA applications: Thank you for your submission. You will shortly receive an automated email response detailing the video requirements to be sent to and bank details for the £12.00 audition fee. Please check all email folders (spam / junk etc) if you do not see this response.


For all ABA applications: Thank you for your submission. Please send the required photographs to stating the applicants name, age and date of application in the email. We will be in touch within two weeks with the outcome of your application.


Course applications: You will be sent an invoice within 1-2 weeks following your application. If you have not received an invoice within 2 weeks following your application, please check all folders (junk / spam etc). Please check the Ballet Boost 'Terms and Conditions' available on our website before making your payment. If payment is not made by the date stated on your invoice, your name will be removed and you will need to re-apply for the course.

If you have any further questions please contact