11am -3pm Pineapple Dance Studios, £70, Incl. Written Feedback.

Lower School Oct 22nd 2018 (ages 9- 13)

Upper School Oct 24th 2018(ages 14 - 17)

Every autumn half term Ballet Boost hold a one day workshop in audition technique. These are separated into 3 levels aimed at Lower school entry, Upper school entry and the approach to Company Auditions.

Many young dancers get so wrapped up in the technical aspects of Ballet and forget that to secure that precious place at a Vocational School or Associate program can be a nerve wracking experience that can often undermine all their hard work!

It takes practice and knowledge of what these places are looking for to help in this process.

This course is formed of two ballet classes. The 11am class is full of useful advice, both technical and artistic. Plus the information on what elements are likely to be included (schools often change their criteria) and simple factors such as their hair style or choice of leotard and which one suits that child best etc.

The most important element of this course is that they will have a mock audition after lunch given by a guest teacher with vast knowledge of the audition process.

Then each attendee will receive personal, written feedback, to help them on their way.

This day is also exceedingly useful for those already at vocational school who wish to do well in assessments and performances, and is fundamentally the key to performing well as a professional. This is an integral part of life as a dancer. They need to understand that it is far more than just their physicality. Presence, musicality and a good ‘dancers’ mind are crucial to success too.

Back to Ballet – 29th,30th, 31st AUGUST 2018  

11-2.30pm Pineapple Dance Studios, £160

This will offer all the essential aspects for a safe return to full time or intensive training following a long summer break.

A great opportunity for students to remind themselves of the finer details of their technique, focus the minds and inspire them for the new school year ahead.

Daily Class in Floor Barre or Pilates based body conditioning along with structured technique class that will see the dancers safely returned to training. Each day will gradually increase the amount of classwork they do and Seniors will be taught by Emma Northmore on all 3 days. This course is aimed at the serious vocational or pre vocational dancer and will provide a font of information that they can apply throughout their next term and onwards. 11am start finishing at approximately 2.30pm


Private Tuition

Vocational coaching age 9 to 19 yrs. (Solo coaching for graduates and freelancers). Available on request and held at various locations so please contact me for further details and pricing. Class duration - 1 to 3 hrs.

I offer intensive training covering all aspects required for a vocational career in Ballet. Specific problems can be addressed and I work with an excellent physiotherapist.

Availability can be limited so please book well in advance, especially for the holidays. Please note that if cancellation is less than two weeks before the booking, then the fee is still payable.


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