Triple Threat Associates - by Ballet Boost
DancEnhance is contemporary dance, ballet and choreography masterclasses for students aged 12+ held at The Royal Ballet School studios.
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Triple Threat Associates

Triple Threat Associates is a programme to ensure all genres of dance are explored at a vocational level from a younger age. With the ultimate aim of stretching each individual to their maximum potential so they can achieve their goals. It’s the perfect top up to their regular classes.

In the ever evolving world of the Arts where it gets tougher to gain access to full time training at 16. I felt it was important to offer exposure to the same style of teaching to be found at these full time schools.


Covering all elements that make up the successful student and professional. Whether a dancer aspires to a Musical Theatre, Singing, Contemporary or Classical career- it’s very important they have a broad base to tap into as each genre impacts the other and no dancer can choose to be one thing these days!

Ballet dancers need to be good at Jazz to understand the necessary energy and approach to a ballet such as Elite Syncopations for example. Likewise a great singer needs to be able to move and a strong Musical Theatre dancer needs a good ballet base as most musical auditions start with ballet. This is a unique programme that genuinely has something to offer for everyone.


With only 3 or 4 Sundays a term its a perfect top up to their regular training providing a vocational insight, with the aim of optimum success, at whatever they chose.


Each child attending will grow in confidence and ability and we will be encouraging onward progression for all. Our advice will always be available. All classes are taught by successful industry professionals with training and experience in teaching children.

9:30 am - 4:00 pm tbc

£70 per day payable termly via invoice

Richmond College

Styles will include:

  • Ballet for Musical Theatre
  • Jazz technique or Show dance
  • West End workshops
  • Acting through song
  • Occasionally contemporary


Teachers to be confirmed soon.

Term Dates

  • Winter Term

    • 12th September
    • 1oth October
    • 7th November
    • 5th December

  • Spring Term

    • 30th January
    • 27th February
    • 27th March

  • Summer Term

    • 15th May
    • 5th June
    • 3rd July
    • 24th July: final demonstration to parents


To apply to our Triple Threat Associate programme please fill the form you can find on the right of this page. Please note that one jazz or musical theatre picture in any pose is required.

Ballet dancers are encouraged to apply and learn new genres!

Minimum ballet standard grade 4 age 8 to 11. Age 11/12 and up minimum ballet grade 5. The course is still open to beginners in jazz with a good ballet foundation who just lack experience. Likewise talented young jazz or musical theatre dancers are invited to apply and not to worry about their level of ballet.

Please do enquire if you have a talented young jazz dancer without much ballet experience as this course is designed to balance their expertise across all genres to ensure the best opportunities are open to them as future performing artists.