Monday 22nd July - Friday 26th July 2019

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Ages 8 to 18 grouped by ability and age   £370 Senior and Mid level 11am to 4pm. £310 Juniors 11am - 3pm

Faculty 2019

Olivia Cowley (Soloist Royal Ballet), Henry St Clair (casting director and teacher), Gina Tse (principal Swedish Ballet), Leanne Cope (Star of An american in Paris), Ruth Brill (BRB and much loved choroegraher), Mathew Bourne workshop. Schedules allowing also - Begonia Cao (ENB) and if we are lucky also the lovely Lauren Cuthbertson!

This summer school has been created to enable vocational and pre vocational students an opportunity to experience a fantastic week of Ballet, Repertoire, Pointe work for the girls and Virtuosity for the boys.

To add to the entirely necessary elements for success today: Body conditioning, Contemporary and Musical Theatre.

My aim is to look at the whole dancer – this includes their mindset, artistic approach and their technique. Only when all 3 elements are in perfect harmony can their true potential be unlocked.

During their week with Ballet Boost students thoroughly enjoy themselves and come out of their shell, displaying a wonderful sense of growth in both knowledge and confidence in only five days!

They will be exposed to incredible Guest Teachers from many backgrounds who will impart their unique style and knowledge in an environment that is nurturing and inspiring.


2018 FACULTY included:

Will Tuckett, Roland Price, Katie Gibson,Cira Robinson, Katie Deacon, Teo Dubreuil, Mathew Bourne's dancers: Cinderella

 2017 FACULTY included:

James Wilkie (Ex RB) Olivia Cowley (Royal ballet Company Soloist) Angela Paul (Ex BRB) Mathew Bourne's Dancers teaching Red Shoes Repertoire Sarah Mcllroy  (ENBS 2nd yr Teacher) Emma Northmore (Ex ENB) Roberta Marquez  (RB Principal)


Past years included:

Wayne Sleep OBE, Sarah Wildor – Ex Royal Ballet Principal,  Roberta Marquez – Royal Ballet Principal

Brian Loftus – Ex Royal Ballet, Rashna Homji Jefferies –Ex Royal Ballet and Ballet Mistress Hong Kong Ballet

Peter Parker – Ex Northern Ballet , Alice Crawford – Floor Barre ex ENB, Angela Paul - BRB

Mathew Bourne’s dancers – Sleeping Beauty workshop

Emma Harris – Fosse, Harry Francis – West side story, Rose Alice – Contemporary

We always use incredible pianists that enliven and inspire musicality in the dancers.

The course is held each year at Pineapple studios in Covent Garden so plenty for parents and guardians to enjoy!

I am always on hand to provide advice, support and that essential element - feedback.

Start time is 11am to allow for cheaper travel and children are chaperoned at all times. There is a small café on site. If travelling down for the week there are good hotel deals available when booked in advance.

I don’t tend to offer a demonstration or final performance as I would like the focus to be on the training as opposed to arranging steps for a final demonstration. However I do allow each parent/guardian to observe two classes of their own choosing. So when you receive the final timetable you can state which classes you wish to observe.

Please do email or call with any further queries and booking can be made below.

PLEASE NOTE: We are now asking for submission of photos upon application to ensure high standards are maiantained. These are: Arabesque, Tendu in 2nd and -if over 11yrs and on pointe for girls- 4th position en pointe. Please email these, following your online application, to: If you are already a member of BBA or another well-recongnised associate programme or attend Vocational school there is no need to provide these photos.

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