Ballet Boost Associates

Ballet Boost Associates is a vocational Sunday ballet school for aspirational young dancers who wish to progress to full-time training or a professional dance career. Based in London and hosted at a number of additional locations around the UK.

The Ballet Boost Associates programme aims to unlock each child’s full potential by providing a comprehensive syllabus in a nurturing and supportive learning environment. Students will receive training in the following areas:

  • Anatomy
  • Body Conditioning
  • Visualization techniques
  • Classical technique in line with the highest vocational expectations
  • Dynamics, Musicality and Artistry
  • Pointe work (girls)
  • Virtuosity (boys)

We try our best to provide financial assistance where needed, however only 2-3 scholarships may be available per venue.

In London we offer ten levels of training for dancers to progress through. This provides optimum opportunities to keep growing and improving. We also have specialist ballet pianists.

All BBA classes are internally assessed in the Spring / Summer term. Levels and progression will be decided in the Spring term assessment. Please be aware that age will not dictate which level a child is in. Children are judged on their technical ability, strength and personal aptitude to the training given.

It is possible for a dancer to be assessed out if they cannot cope with the training schedule. However, every effort will be made to offer the best opportunity for each child to achieve. You, the parent, will be made aware of any issues that may be occurring.

Class Syllabus

BBA Junior (A&B)

Level 1

The basic principles of anatomy will be threaded throughout their Ballet class work and embedded during the 30 minutes of Pilates based floor exercises they will cover after their class.

They will be taught all technical, musical and artistic aspects in an environment that will build both confidence and skill whilst exercising their enquiring minds.

The 2 - 2.25 hour class is followed by contemporary (sometimes repertoire) which is an optional extra but extremely vital skill in ballet today.

A focus on posture, footwork and a deep understanding of the foundations of classical ballet are very important. These are key elements during assessment and movement up through the levels

BBA Mid (A&B)

Level 2

A 2.5hrs class where all areas are progressed further. Focus, understanding and application are stretched much further across these levels. It is hoped that the children will carry their corrections throughout all classes they attend.

We welcome contact from their regular teachers in order to further support each individual child’s growth as a dancer.

Anatomy work continues with a deeper focus on the use of their muscles, the correct terminology, along with more technical aspects and pre-pointe strengthening/virtuosity work for the boys. Contemporary work will also be incorporated as an optional extra hour of class.


Level 3 (A&B) & Level 4

Intensive training in a nurturing environment that allows students to realise how much more they are able to achieve.

There will be class, pointe work/strengthening for boys and occasionally repertoire. These dancers will now have an in depth knowledge of their own anatomy and be able to apply their corrections with intelligence and maturity.

Contemporary will be offered with training provided in line with vocational and international standards. Pilates-based body conditioning will continue to be incorporated but we will expect students to continue these exercises at home in order to maximise their rate of improvement.


London - New - Classical or Musical Theatre stream. Other venues are all based on a Classical thread whilst accommodating all student’s needs.

In all senior levels there is a very specific focus towards upper school auditions and further training. In London we are lucky enough to have the space to create a thread which is most suited to those entering the senior levels. This creates a tailored approach and a studio full of like-minded dancers. This in turn produces a lovely supportive network for them all.

The London Classical stream is working towards entry to schools such as RBS, ENBS, Central and possible overseas options. There is a strong focus in class on precision of technique and adaptability, readiness for auditions, as well as overarching artistic and technical ability.

The same expectations are taught to all senior levels but in a way that ensures they all maintain their much needed self-confidence, to step in to further training and beyond, in a capacity that suits them all as individuals.

Students will be required to take notes about Pilates-based body conditioning so they are able to continue these exercises at home. More self-awareness and technical ability will be expected along with an innate sense of musicality and artistry.

Class Locations

Discover Ballet Boost Associates locations in the UK. Class schedules, latest audition dates, teachers, and additional venue information is available by clicking the More Information button for each location.


Rambert School of Ballet & Contemporary Dance


Anlaby Studios


Dance Ireland, DanceHouse


DanSci Dance Studios, Exeter


Debut Studios

Student Destinations

We are proud of our graduates and their success at achieving entry to top vocational ballet upper schools.

Amelie –  Royal Ballet School (RBS)

Rain –Royal Ballet School (RBS)

Clarice – English National Ballet School (ENBS)

Jess – The Royal Ballet School (RBS)

Sacha – Zurich Dance Academy

Anabelle – Central School of Ballet

Leo – European School of Ballet

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Felix – European School of Ballet

Tara – The Royal Ballet School (RBS)

Issie – Central School of Ballet

Grace – Central School of Ballet

Anya – English National Ballet School (ENBS)

Jemima – English National Ballet School (ENBS)

Shanti – English National Ballet School (ENBS)

Sophie – English National Ballet School (ENBS)

Jacob – English National Ballet School (ENBS)


Applications for all Ballet Boost Associates programmes for September 2023 entry are now open. Please apply through the website using the link below.

If you are experiencing troubles with your applications please email us your information, photos and videos at


For the latest audition dates and location information, please see our dedicated Auditions page.