The Academy of Balletic Arts - Ballet Boost
The Academy of Balletic Arts is a forward-thinking London ballet school for 11 – 16 years olds who wish to pursue a vocational alternative to Lower School.
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The Academy of Balletic Arts

The Academy of Balletic Arts (ABA) is a forward-thinking London ballet school for 11 – 16 years olds who wish to pursue a vocational alternative to Lower School.

Leaving home to pursue full-time ballet training can be a daunting process. The Academy of Balletic Arts was founded to provide talented young dancers with a vocational alternative to Lower School. Students receive all the essential elements of full time ballet training, whilst maintaining time in the family home and benefiting from the support this environment provides.

Students are selected based on their potential for success in classical ballet. They must be mature and driven in their approach to training.

Small class sizes (approximately 4-12 students, depending on the day of the week) to ensure an individual approach to each child for optimum improvement.

ABA is extremely accommodating in terms of events at school and the need for flexibility. Classes can be carried over from week to week. We also assist in contacting schools to obtain permission to attend. All our current and previous students have managed to balance school homework and dancing beautifully! Great organisational skills for life are imbedded with the need for time management and focussed training! We do less hours, have less injuries and achieve 100 percent success rate for Upper school auditions! We also provide wonderful ballet pianists.

About the Academy

Location: Pineapple Dance Studios, Covent Gardens

The Academy is dedicated to ensuring its students achieve the highest possible standards in order to secure a place at their Upper School of choice and have a successful career in a distinguished ballet company. We deliver training that meets international standards to ensure that your child is capable of obtaining work in other countries as well as working for choreographers from around the world.

By enriching our students with knowledge and self-belief, we can unlock a level of talent that surpasses their original expectations.

The Academy’s approach to teaching delivers students with a deeper insight into their personal ability at an earlier age than most. Our progressive training programme provides a comprehensive approach to your child’s physical and personal development as a dancer, nurturing the mind as well as the body. We empower students with the ability to take ownership of their technique so they can enjoy exploring their possibilities, and improve at a faster rate.

We will only select students with a realistic chance of succeeding as a professional ballet dancer. Classes are therefore small with a very personal approach to each child’s training.

Academy Teachers

Lowri Shone

Lower (Monday & Friday)

Monique AAliyah

Lower (Wednesday)

James Butcher

Upper (Tuesday)

Katie Deacon

Upper (Thursday & Friday)

Deirdre Chapman

Guest Teacher for Upper (Friday)

Guest Teachers


Katie Gibson

Professional dancer & pilates instructor

Katie is a professional ballet dancer who danced for the Suzanne Farrell Ballet company for a number of years. Academy students will have a pilates session with Katie, and be provided with a programme of exercises. To ensure this area of training is maintained, we will also individually source good teachers who can provide extra training at a venue that is closer to the student’s home.


Our highly experienced new physiotherapist will be announced soon!

Academy Schedule

2021 – 2022


    • Winter 2021: September 6th – December 12th; Half Term: October 25th – 29th
    • Spring 2022: January 4th – April 1st; Half Term: February 14th – 18th
    • Summer 2022: April 19th – July 15th; Half Term: May 30th – June 3rd

    All assessments will be held at the end of each term.


    • Monday: 16:30 – 18:00; Pineapple Studios, Covent Garden
    • Wednesday: 16:30 – 18:00; Pineapple Studios, Covent Garden
    • Friday: 16:30 – 18:00; Pineapple Studios, Covent Garden


    • Tuesday: 16:30 – 18:00; Pineapple Studios, Covent Garden
    • Thursday: 16:30 – 18:00; Pineapple Studios, Covent Garden
    • Friday: 17:00 – 19:00; Siobhan Davies Studios, Elephant & Castle

Student Destinations

Francesca – The Royal Ballet School (RBS)
Lucy – The Royal Ballet School (RBS)
Lucie – Elmhurst Ballet School
Millie – Central School of Ballet
Molly – Central School of Ballet
Lily – Central School of Ballet
Abbie – Tring Park School for the Performing Arts
Rain –  The Royal Ballet School (RBS)
Amelie – The Royal Ballet School (RBS)
Clarice – English National Ballet School (ENBS)
Jess – The Royal Ballet School (RBS)
Anya – English National Ballet School (ENBS)
Jemima – English National Ballet School (ENBS)
Tara – The Royal Ballet School (RBS)
Sacha – Zurich Dance Academy
Sophie – English National Ballet School (ENBS)
Anabelle – Central School of Ballet
Shanti – English National Ballet School (ENBS)
Leo – European School of Ballet
Felix – European School of Ballet
Issie – Central School of Ballet
Grace – Central School of Ballet
Jacob – English National Ballet School (ENBS)

Apply to the Academy of Balletic Arts

Academy Audition: students will join a class throughout the term on an arranged date

Please complete our online application form, including photographs of the following:


Arabesque en l’air, facing front plié in first position, facing front tendu in second position, if on pointe – 4th position en pointe

A standard fee of £30 will apply per student application. This can be paid on the day or by bank transfer (please contact us for details). Please ensure you are available between 4pm – 8pm on the audition day. Your exact audition time will be communicated with you after your application has been reviewed.