DancEnhance - Ballet Boost
DancEnhance is contemporary dance, ballet and choreography masterclasses for students aged 12+ held at The Royal Ballet School studios.
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Didy Veldman and Emma Northmore are very excited to announce the launch of a series of Contemporary masterclasses to further enhance the vocational students experience in this important genre.

Fabulous Masterclasses of Contemporary Dance, Ballet and Choreography by outstanding teachers and choreographers. Classes are held at The Royal Ballet School studios on a monthly basis.

Didy Veldman creating new work for the Jacob’s Pillow School USA.

After the success of our Return to the Studio course, we wanted to offer a further ‘stretch’ in terms of the thinking dancer and their Contemporary experiences. The DancEnhance masterclasses are for students aged 12+ who are interested in deepening their knowledge of contemporary dance.

We are offering a collection of classes, focussing on widening students’ contemporary experiences, awakening movement qualities, creativity, and providing an introduction to working with choreographers by learning solos and other work.

Why Choose DancEnhance?

In this ever-evolving world where a classical dancer can no longer get by on ballet alone, we wanted to provide a vocational level of support which will assist in many ways; auditions, work prospects and general growth as a dancer of today. All fully complementing any regular training.

The Contemporary DancEnhance classes are fun, of a high standard, and for the serious dancer who is interested in expanding their potential.

We are delighted that Christopher Powney, Director of the Royal Ballet School, will be our Patron. He is kindly teaching and watching on Nov 14th and possibly Dec 19th 2020 too.

‘Is to B’ created by choreographer Didy Veldman for Prix de Lausanne.

Full refund if we cancel due to Covid-19 related issues!

We can offer places to 12 students per group due to Covid-19 and can run a maximum of two groups each date so early booking is advised.

Ballet Class by Emma Northmore/Christopher Powney

Contemporary Class by Didy Veldman

These classes rotate and could take place with external guests.

Please follow the Facebook page @DEnhance


Monday 30 August, Tuesday 31 August and Wednesday 1 September 2021

Return to the Studio

Three mornings of ballet and contemporary in the beautiful White Lodge studios. Ballet will be taught by Emma Northmore and contemporary by the dancers of Didy Veldman’s Umanoove Company.

Saturday 14 November & 16 January 2021

Contemporary Solos

Consists of a Ballet Class, a Contemporary Class as well as learning solo material from contemporary choreographers which will enlarge your movement vocabulary and could help you with building your own audition solo.

Saturday 28 November & Sunday 13 or 14 (date TBC) February 2021


Consists of a Ballet Class, a Contemporary class and in the afternoon, we will focus on learning several contemporary movement phrases. Combining travelling through space, using floor work and jumps to enhance stamina, picking up material and spatial awareness.

Didy Veldman teaching contemporary class at Prix de Lausanne.

19 December 2020 & 13 March 2021


Consist of a Ballet Class, a Contemporary Class, plus working together with a Contemporary Choreographer. This is a great opportunity to learn more about the process of choreography and how to work with a choreographer in a studio which is often considered during an audition or casting process.

15-16-17 April

Creativity and Improvisation

Consists of a Contemporary Class, an Improvisation Class and in the afternoon, we will work on several movement tasks to explore and deepen your creativity. Working together with your fellow students, learning to be none judgemental and supportive, allowing for creativity to flow and creating a small choreographic work together all based on your own guided but improvised work.


Consist of a Contemporary Class, a Yoga/stretching Class and a Mindfulness session. The importance of being present in the moment, how to deal with stress, expectations, auditions and performances.

Contemporary Solos

Consists of a Ballet Class, a Contemporary Class as well as learning solo material from contemporary choreographers which will enlarge your movement vocabulary.


Royal Ballet School Studios, White Lodge in Richmond Park

From 10am until 4pm

Enquiries & Application

If you would like to make an enquiry or apply to DancEnhance, please send an email to