Masterclasses Scotland

We can’t wait to bring Ballet Boost to Scotland and are extremely lucky to be at the wonderful Scottish Ballet studios.

Please join us for an exciting day of Ballet focussing on Artistry, Musicality and Dynamics.

The Director, Emma Northmore, will be teaching these classes as we are so passionate about this aspect of classical ballet training. 

Emma will also be on the look-out for future talent to nurture and will even provide a Q&A for parents at the end of each day to insist you in your journey with your aspiring young dancer.

Emma will be accompanied by renowned classical ballet pianist, Jonathan Still. This is such a special treat for dancers in training. Jonathan played on stage at English National Ballet company whilst Emma danced around him!

Jonathan has years of experience to share and the combination of Jonathan and Emma is really something unique when it comes to understanding and unlocking their musicality and artistic potential. It really won’t be like any other class they have attended! With the luxury of purely focussing on their artistry for one day, in a highly vocational setting, will be a very inspirational day for all involved.

Teachers are very welcome to attend with their students, and watch as much as they wish, for a small fee of £10 for the day. Please just email to register your attendance.

Juniors: 10:30 - 15:00

Seniors: 10:30 - 15:30

Full day: £80

3.45 - 5pm 1 to 1 coaching £90

Scottish Ballet Studios


  • Seniors: Age 12 plus

    • 10.30 am – 12.45 pm Ballet focusing on musicality and artistry
    • Lunch
    • 1.30 pm- 3 pm Solos applying artistry and dynamics to a solo for deeper understanding of these all-important elements.
    • 3.15 pm – 3.30 pm Parent Q&A ” All Things Ballet”

  • Juniors Age 8/9 - 11

    • 10.30 am – 11 am Body conditioning
    • 11.15 am- 1 pm Ballet with a focus on port de bras and musicality whilst covering all aspects of class
    • Lunch
    • 1.30 pm – 2.45 pm Solo / repertoire elements will be learnt to explore Artistry. To include time with the pianist understanding musicality
    • 2.45 pm – 3 pm Q&A – All Things Ballet

  • NOVEMBER 2022

    • 26th – Seniors
    • 27th – Juniors

  • JANUARY 2023

    • 28th – Juniors
    • 29th – Seniors

  • MAY 2023

    • 27th – Juniors
    • 28th – Seniors


Emma Northmore

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