Academy of Balletic Arts Saturday

The Academy of Balletic Arts Saturday is a training programme for the progression of Vocational standard ballet dancers.

This programme has recently grown and developed to become part of The Performance Platform Masterclass Series, an exciting new venture which is part of the Performance Platform, and is sure to deliver the very highest level of training, experience and development for aspiring young ballet dancers.


As such, applications to the programme will now be processed through to the Performance Platform Masterclass Series.

Classes are delivered in a highly intensive environment and are based on our own version of a Paris Opera style training methodology. This complements current UK training methods in order to help every student excel and meet the demands of the rapidly evolving world of ballet.

Apply to ABAS

Academy Audition

Applications are open to male and female students. As mentioned above applications will now be processed through

In addition to completing the application form, you will also be required to submit the following photographs:

  • Arabesque en l’air
  • A la seconde en l’air
  • Plie in first position
  • Fourth position on pointe (for girls on pointe aged 12 plus)